Message Blocking Is Active Iphone Lycamobile Ideas

Message Blocking Is Active Iphone Lycamobile. After falsely assuming i had blocked her, and being upset with me, it was her bill being overdue so they suspended her texting. Also, doing a quick google search for 611611 makes me think.

message blocking is active iphone lycamobile
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Besides, if you are experiencing the issue like 4504 messages not found, here are the top solutions for you. Clicking on the “message” application and selecting “ask” check to see if the issue persists.

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Due to this message service from carrier is paused for a certain period and will resume after the period. Firstly, please make sure you have enough credit to send sms.

Message Blocking Is Active Iphone Lycamobile

I called the card company and they told me to call tmobile.I know you would know but wanted to correct myself for the record.I suspect the issue is that the number is being identified as a premium short code (these are usually used as a way to charge things to your phone bill).If there is no edit icon at the top of the messages section (i.e.

If your mobile phone screen shows any of the following when you first put your lycamobile sim into your phone:Im trying to find the balance from debt card and i get this message.Lycamobile unable to send message message blocking is active.Many reasons cause message blocking.

My boyfriend got a text from me that says ( free msg:My girlfriend texted me and got that message.Next one is block listed messages by sender or receiver.One guy just recently told me the issue is due to netflix on us.

Please contact your current provider directly to request the.Please follow the article below from apple.Reason for message blocking active.Recommended answer recommended answers ( 0) relevant answer relevant answers ( 0) our automated system analyzes the replies to choose the one that’s most likely to answer the question.

Restart your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch.So, let’s fix the “free msg:Speciality level out of ten:The best fix for this issue can only be devised by the technical staff at the customer support hub for your particular carrier.

The document below will give some info on how to disable message blocking!The most common reason for this message blocking is due to the temporary maintenance of the mobile carrier.The primary account holder can add or remove the message blocking.This just happened to me.

Tmobile has be jerking me around for 3 hours now.To confirm that text messaging is enabled on your account, go to the device settings page for your phone and make sure that can send/receive text messages is enabled.To send an sms message, you need to have a cellular network connection.Unable to send message., message blocking is active.

Unable to send sms lycamobile.When i send a text it shows free message unable to send message message blocking is activeYou can set your wifi calling & text preferences by doing the following:You can’t update your text messaging settings) then the number is not active.

Your carrier has suspended your sms/mms messaging service it’s probably more accurate to say they are/were blocking your sms/mms messages and then possibly only sent ones.‘blocked’, ‘barred’, ‘incorrect sim’ or ‘sp lock’, your mobile may be locked to another network.• tap “wifi calling & text” (not the “enable/disable” button) • tap “connection preferences”.