Iphone Xs Max Back Glass Repair Cost 2021

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iphone xs max back glass repair cost
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According to my best understanding, when the back glass is cracked and needs to be replaced then apple just simply replaces the entire iphone xs max with a refurbished iphone. Ad the client can choose either 128gb iphone 12 pro max or $1400 cash compensation.

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After the laser work is done, we can remove the iphone xs back glass with a blade, a pry piece and pliers successfully in a short time. All of our iphone xs screen replacements.

Iphone Xs Max Back Glass Repair Cost

Each incident has a service fee.Fix your gold apple iphone xs max back glass in no time with our quick turnaround service!Get free instant estimates from phone repair pros near you.Have your back glass replaced by one of our nationally recognized wise certified technicians.

How much does it cost to replace iphone xs max back glass by karex81 ( m ):I believe with the back glass they just replace the iphone with a refurbished unit.I hope you are not a scammer, something that is impossible to replace without laser.If an accidental drop shatters your beautiful iphone xs max screen, hurry into your nearest cpr store.

If you broke the back glass you really have nothing to lose with getting it off, you can hack away at it until it’s off with an opening pick and/or a jimmy.In fact, we guarantee our low price and will match or beat by $5 any lower price you find for the same iphone xs screen replacement.Ineligible repairs apply to iphones that have third party displays, missing displays, intentional tampering, missing or disassembled parts of the display and catastrophic damage.Iphone 11 lcd screen $229.

Iphone screen replacement cost start from rs.Iphone x glass repair $239.Iphone x lcd screen $159.Iphone x screen repair (out of warranty) iphone xs max:

Iphone xr lcd screen $169.Iphone xs and xs max use the oled screen and glass back housing, while the iphone xr use the lcd screen and glass back housing.Iphone xs glass repair $259.Iphone xs lcd screen $189.

Iphone xs max glass repair $279.Iphone xs max lcd screen $329.Iphone xs max screen repair.Iphone xs max value premium.

It will cost 15k change only glass while complete casing is 35k.Just don’t use excessive force in a way that would damage other components of your phone.Last year, apple had increased the price of iphone x’s apple care+ from $149 to $199 and the iphone x screen repair costs also increased.My understanding is that if you heat up the back with a heat gun or blow dryer you can peel the glass off as it’s held on with adhesive.

No one wants the back glass on their device to be cracked.Parts + labor & lifetime guarantee.Promotion is valid to 31.12.2021.Sign up and open account.

Step 3 remove glass and clean glue.That will help bring down the display repair cost to only $29, with any other damage repair costing $99.That’s a $50 premium for both repair services over the iphone xs, making the xs max the most expensive phone to fix in apple’s history.The apple repair center starts at $129 for the iphone 5 and 6, all the way up to $329 for the new iphone xs max.

The average costs for iphone screen repair, glass repair, and lcd replacement average between $80 and $130 when you take it to a 3rd party repair shop.There will be a r690 additional levy applied to restore your iphone back to an apple certified condition.This is $100 higher than the starting price of $999 for the iphone x last year.This is our specialty and our staff has a lot of experience with iphone xs screen replacement.

This would fall under the out of warranty replacement which is $599 for an iphone xs max.To answer your question, if you have a valid and active apple care then you are right that it would cost $99 to repair the back glass of your iphone xs max.To get other warranty work done on the iphone you will need to have the glass replaced.Unless you have applecare+ and the cost would be $99.

When the glass teardown, we have to use the laser machine again to remove the residual glue.